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We believe fashion trends start on the streets! And that’s why we created Dressboom. It’s a shopping app for pre-loved fashion. People mix and match their garments, create looks to give users style inspiration and make it easy to choose the right item. This is a real ‘street catwalk’ :) We launched on the AppStore 10 days ago. The app is free to use, we take 10% commission from sellers. Dressboom currently operates in the UK. We plan to expand first in Europe, and only after that move forward to the US. One of Levi Strauss future scenarios says: by 2025 the fashion industry is going to be focused on reusing clothing and second-hand clothing would be big business… Would love to get your feedback and hear your thoughts! P.S. Product Hunters get discounts!
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@druh_opryshok Run-run-run I would say :)
@k_furtak Good luck Katerina, the app looks good! A few questions: 1. Is it international? 2. How do transactions happen? PayPal? Other? 3. Does DressBoom charge a commission? If so from who -- buyer? Seller? Both? 4. How do items reach the buyer? Does the seller ship them? 5. How do you track fulfillment? Is there an eBay / Etsy seller rating system in place? 6. If so -- do you offer dispute resolution?
@darshu Thanks for the questions! Happy to answer: 1. It is in the UK as for now, we plan to expand to Europe first. 2. Stripe Connect. 3. We charge 10% commission from the sellers. 4. We use shipping API with multiple shipping options. At the moment in the UK we work with MyHermes - door-to-door delivery - 2,98 GBP. 5. Solid buyer's protection cycle - we track logistics, manage payments via Stripe API, sellers pass through the background check, and we are working on the rating system now. 6. Yes, we have enough data to resolve disputes.
@k_furtak Is this all women's? If so it would be great to see a small portion for men.
Hi, Happy to see your here! Guys, it`s really cool project and I think it "must have" for every fashion-lover!
@ruslannaz Thanks a lot! :)
One more startup from Ukraine in my collection https://www.producthunt.com/@dru...
Hi, guys! My name is Aleksandr Furtak from @dressboom, I am co-founder and CTO. Would be happy to answer your questions as well.
Love this idea! But pre-owned clothes is just a part of the opportunity @k_furtak you should think about expanding your service, first of all for various goods for babies and kids!
@4i4i4 Andrew, thanks for your comment! In terms of categories expansion we are thinking about adding men's clothing. The main concept is to share a style.