Free (do whatever you want) high-res landscape photos

DreamyPixel is a collection of over 200 free landscape images. Free to use for personal and commercial use.

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Great idea Guys )) We`re used to see only products or apps on Producthunt. Nice to see such things also)))
@dmovsis Thank you :)
Hey everyone! I'm Ales and I am a passionate landscape photographer. The reason why I started with photography is probably a bit unusual. I develop WordPress Themes and that is my primary profession. I was buying images from different stock markets like Shutterstock to use in the Themes. One day I thought it would be nice if I could make my own images and use them in my Themes. That's how I got into photography, but this soon evolved from making just a few stock images to an obsession with landscape photography. I started with a website called DreamyPixel to present my best images. I decided I wanted to give something back to the community and professions that gave me so much. So I started doing something similar to what Unsplash is doing and I am giving 3 images for free on a weekly basis. The collection currently has over 200 free images (for personal and commercial use). It is not as vast as some of the similar websites, but all images are mine. I hope you enjoy them very much. Thank you.
@aleskrivec Nice shots! I see why you call Slovenia a "hidden jewel of Europe". Looks beautiful!
@aleskrivec nice launch! Have you considered cloning the Unsplash API?
@chrismessina Thank you. I never thought of that, to include all their images also? I have quite a few images on Unsplash and it's one of the reasons why I decided to offer some of my images for free also.
@imakestrides Thank you, yes it's quite special, a lot of diversity for such a small country. :)
@aleskrivec the other way around, actually...! So that anyone that's built an app for Unsplash could also add your photos as a source. But, your way works too, if you wanted to add more content to your site (presuming that's allowed by Unsplash's API TOS).
Awesome project! I was always big fan of your photography :)
@jaka_smid Thanks, I am glad you like it. :)
I'd say get rid of the "sign up for our newsletter" pop-up. Nothing makes me want to leave a site like a popup that doesn't close when I press the X
@nickwanninger Thanks, I will recheck it, but closes fine on my end when I press close button (X).
@nickwanninger Which browser were you using? Thanks.
simply beautiful!