Countdown to the days that matter

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Hey @zyxpan - I've seen a few of these types of apps around. Why did you decide to build this one and what makes it stand out above the crowd πŸ˜„
@bentossell I think we were one of the early apps to the market. We launched v1 about three years ago and have captured a significant market with ease of use and design. The motivation behind building our own was mostly about having the need ourselves and not able to find an app that's suitable.
Love the neat design. I bet countdown apps are easy to stick with once you keep all your big days data on it.
@brownkuns would be good to integrate with a calendar... is this the case with Dreamdays?
@bentossell it's definitely in our roadmap. I think it would be handy to import events from calendar. Even though calendars are more for meetings, reminders and todos while countdowns are more for days and moments that are memorable, some people probably do have some overlap and importing from calendar could make their lives a little easier.
liked the custom icons for different occasion. Will it send notification once the occasion is days far ?