Hands-on video analysis for human beings and their teams.

Dreamaker.io is innovating collaborative, hands-on video analysis for individuals and teams. The Dreamaker.io platform combines intuitive analysis dashboards, enhanced customization and cloud collaboration into an elegant solution for all your video (and audio) analysis requirements, making research simple, fun, flexible and sophisticated.

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Hey @nathaniel_holder & @tweetingpaola, Can you tell us more about what you've build there? What was the inspiration?
@nathaniel_holder @jacqvon Hi Jacqueline, thank you for asking! I come from an elite sporting background where we used video analysis on opponents and engaged in visual performance training to improve visual perception, reactions times and responses. Fast forward a few years - as student studying psychotherapy I was dumbstruck that nothing similar existed to help student researchers analyze and present client data from audio and video files for supervision. So Nathaniel and I got together and built it! The app formed part of my masters final project/thesis, revealing that it not only made video analysis simpler, more time efficient, and fun, but also trained essential cognitive and thinking skills needed in psychotherapy. The app has now grown out of the psychotherapy world into a range of areas where hands-on analysis and soft skills training is needed - to name but a few, teacher training, collaborative research, coaching, conflict facilitation, ethnographic research, anti-bias training, etc.
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