Dream Vacay

Rude text message reminders to save towards your dream vacay

Get free text message reminders each month to help you save towards your dream vacation.
But there's a catch... if you fail to save, pledge to put some amount towards a charity.
A trivial app to improve your well being or the well being of a charity.
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3 Reviews3.3/5
I make side projects with no-code. And I wanted to experiment with Twilio. So I made Dream Vacay and am now launching this trivial app all built with no-code! What's interesting about it is, there is an actual problem I'd like to help with in people's lives. The crux of the problem is we all work a lot and don't take time off. Often the result I personally feel is, I am always running on empty! I found some crazy stats about how little people do take time away from their work. And it got me thinking...🤔 So I thought why not create a fun, app that helps people actually save towards a vacation. 🏝 But there had to be something on the line. So if you fail to save, you must hold yourself accountable and pledge an amount to a charity of your choosing. 😎 Burn out is real. Which can lead to depression and very real negative effects. 🙁 So let's do something about it! I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is and save for your dream vacay. 💪🏼 I'd love to hear your feedback. 😃 Also, as part of my journey to make a no-code wiki, I'll be documenting all my insights about integrating this tech stack, entirely no-code. - Carrd.co - Typeform - Zapier - Twilio - Buy Me A Coffee - Paypal - 100% free of service charge when used for donating to charity Check it! You can see more tech stacks at the no-code wiki I am building at techstack.sideprojectstack.com and Maker reviews of no-code tools at sideprojectstack.com.
@michaeljnovotny - Hey Michael. Where do I get this product?
@chinmay_sati Hi please go to dreamvacay.carrd.co and fill out the form on the page. You’ll receive your first text message shortly there after. Thank you for your interest and please let me know any questions you have!
I would definitely try this. I hope this helps and i wonder what kind of messages are we going to get :)
@mateakofiloska hey thank you for your interest! Hope you tried it out.
Really awesome!! I’m intrigued on what types of messages you’ll get 😅 Will definitely share with my friends who are big time travelers! Congrats on the launch
@whit_anderson Thanks Whit! I really wanted to experiment with Twilio as I have never integrated with it before. I was blown away how much easier it was using no-code than with code. Also, hope you enjoy the messages. Wanted to shoot for something trivial and fun. More humor in the day never hurt anyone did it?
it's amazing!cheer up!
Nice idea! One opinion. Would it be great if there's an option to unsubscribe via your web? It's because it's kinda complicated to send the text message (Some country requires to add a code of an international text provider to re-send the message back).
@andrew_cho hi Andrew I think that is a great idea. I had to narrow scope to be text only but there is an future integration I could consider with WhatsApp. Is that more of what you are looking for?