Admin, Explore and Analyze your data from one place.

Draxlr is an admin panel that lets you perform CRUD operations, Execute complex queries, Save results, Build Graphs, Dashboard and lot more, all on a fully managed platform. Draxlr provides you an admin panel for your SQL database.
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Hello Everyone! A big thanks to @pollock for hunting us! We're super excited to share with you Draxlr - An admin panel for your database. When we start with a software development project we often tend to overlook small aspects like how much time a feature takes to build. Eventually, a team runs into all kinds of issues, one of the most commonly forgotten areas and can make a big difference is Admin Panel. Our team has been working on this from the past 6 months to get together an admin panel that does it all from Performing CRUD operations, execute complex queries, save results, build graphs, custom dashboards & lot more, all on a fully managed platform. With extensive research, we have clubbed together the most common features required in an admin panel. With Draxlr we aim to ease the pain of developing an admin from scratch, simultaneously reducing the cost of software development. Draxlr is free for our first 100 users. We'd love to hear what you think! πŸ™Œ We are happy to answer any questions.πŸ˜ƒ
New admin panel for SQL databases I'm checking out.
Loved your UX bro
Congrats on the launch!
Awesome work man, congrats!