Turn your drawing into a drag-and-drop image in no time.

Drawtoimg is a useful tool that turns your drawing into a drag-and-drop image just in no time.

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Hello everyone. I'm the maker of Drawtoimg. Drawtoimg is a useful tool you can use to expedite the process you want to share the cool drawings to your friends, or post them on the social media, or just for fun. I hope you guys like it, and feel free to leave any feedback :).
My first thought - what a dumb app. Waste. I use surface note and have touchscreen and a pen so draw my images I was fucking wrong! It does have usecases! 1) Why should one have a touchscreen to create their own images or billions of pounds in Adobe. This gets to the simplest level - draw with the point cursor - save as image. Bob's your uncle. 2) Usually people draw -> then screenshot -> then edit screen capture -> save as image. This breaks those points in between and when you create - right click and save as image. Simple. P.S. Even on my surace note, I have to first save gigantic image with a lot of empty white screen, then open in paint and then upload it on my blog at faizanpatankar.com Improvement: I tried touch input on my laptop and it doesn't take that as input. If it was there, this is a total I would mention to bloggers. There's a definite productivity usecase for it. The intro on here doesn't do the app favour, so I had to write up and call out the good points in it. Good work maker!
@freeman_faiz Thank you for pointing out the issue about touch input, I haven't noticed it. And both of the use cases are great! Thanks for the valuable feedback.