Better entity relationship diagrams for your database

drawSQL is a simple, beautiful database diagram editor for developers to 🚧 create, πŸ’¬ collaborate and πŸ‘€ visualize their entity relationship diagrams.

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Hey fellow hunters and makers! πŸ‘‹ This is super exciting! After delaying launching drawSQL here for a few weeks (the pre-launch jitters is real πŸ™€), I'm happy to finally β€œJust Ship It! ⛡” and share drawSQL with all of you. πŸ€” Why? DrawSQL lets you easily create your entity relationship diagrams to visualize your database schema, useful when architecting your app or adding features to your code base. Our team has traditionally used desktop tools like MySQL Workbench to do this planning, which works, but keeping the diagram in sync between developers was difficult with an offline tool. Besides, it could use a UI refresh (plus it always crashes ...😣). βœ… Current features: For the MVP my focus was to create the best user experience in the diagram editor, now you can: - Create public or private diagrams - Add tables and columns - Define relationships between diagrams and tables - Sleek and intuitive UI (with keyboard shortcuts) πŸš€ Future Roadmap: Next steps (imo) would be to focus on getting data in and out of drawSQL, i.e.: import/export, as well as better integrations with different frameworks. But would love to hear your feedback and that will be what really determines the next step! Let me know what you think of the product, as well as the next features to prioritize! πŸ™ ------------------- PS: 🀫 As an early user, you get 30% lifetime discount for the medium plan πŸŽ‰. You'll see this special pricing plan on the subscription page within a week of this launch.
@dennisong " getting data in and out of drawSQL" - make it source control friendly! Nice work, love the look of the product. I've been working on http://schemaexplorer.io/ which isn't solving quite the same problem as yours but is somewhat related. Best of luck with the launch.
@tim_abell Thanks Tim! Absolutely "getting data in and out of drawSQL" will have to be next. Making it source control friendly would be interesting, what do you have in mind for that? Just had another discussion about some kind of revision history, maybe something like that? PS: I remember @mijustin mentioning you in the Slack a while back, schemaexplorer definitely seems interesting, are you planning a relaunch of it?
@dennisong I'd say spit out text files and leave versioning to git. Avoid xml. Make sort order stable to avoid diff noise. Use utf8. Happy to jump on the phone and exchange ideas. tim@timwise.co.uk I haven't even done a first launch of schema explorer yet, still hunting out product market fit and doing user research.
@tim_abell Yup I might take you up on this to discuss further, thanks for offering! I've already started building the 'export as .sql' feature, i wonder if that can be used for versioning, especially if like you said the sort order is made stable Likewise, let me know if you need someone to bounce ideas off for schemaexplorer, happy to help!

Yesterday I used DrawSQL a bit longer to map my database schema of my management system. There is still a lot to do, working with it is a bit bumpy but it is a lot of fun to work with it. I'm looking forward to updates and more features.


Very beautiful and easy to use


A few functions are still missing to be able to work fast

Cool app and cool site! Noticed it's built with TailwindCSS πŸ‘
@brbcoding Thanks! Indeed :) Started back when it was v0.7.x actually, still loving it
Congratulations on the launch! πŸš€
Thanks so much @jarkerwastaken !
This is really useful. I could see this being valuable for preparing tutorials. Is this database aware? For example, I could not find a way to specify size of varchar. JSON datatype is not supported by all databases, etc. It will be nice to export this as a DDL and just run it on a database.
Hey @devduttabhosale , you're right, for now its targeted at mySQL variants, but like you said it does make sense if there's a diagram level setting to select the database type. Also exporting to DDL which is very popular request among early users, so it should land really soon. Thanks πŸ™Œ !