Use your iPad camera to teach kids how to draw

Looks really fun! I think the camera function is still too advanced for my 4 y.o. but something to grow with when she starts to draw more advanced! Good hunt, thanks!
@mikaellowgren Hi Mikael, yes some functions are not so easy to use, especially for 4 y.o. but as you said when she will grow she will love it for sure ;)
This is a terrific way to learn to draw! Love it :-)
Great FREE app, works offline for those days on vacations, with no need for a connection! Tons of categories, tutorials and special tools available. Worth downloading ;) For creative kids and families!
Kids love this app! Its difficult to motivate them to be creative sometimes, but they could draw for hours using this app and not get bored at all!
@gzvikart Could you tell about the history behind this app? What was your inspiration? Great idea for a kids app!
@mikaellowgren As we all know modern technology, tablets and mobile phones are nowdayspart of their childhood. We simply can't ignore the fact. Why wouldn't we give them a tool which still encourages them for a traditons, like drawing on paper, and combine that with a modern techology - usage of apps and technology...for this reason we created "Use camera" mode in the app, which is one of a kind on the app market. Users can draw all illustrations - so called drawing tutorials that were prepared by our artists, and draw via camera lens directly on paper in step by step instructions. Not a single app on the App Store or Google play Store has this system! Go ahead and try it 😉
@gzvikart My 4 yo is hooked! I didn't find a way to save the images to the camera role. Would be nice with a quick-button to save it to library in the painting view, it's too complex fir kids to go via general sharing menu.
@mikaellowgren all of what you said regarding save an illustration + much more on a task list for first update ;) Btw we would love to see some shared creations from your kid ;)
@gzvikart Posted my first panda colored by my 4 yo on twitter @mikaellowgren 😄