Pictionary meets Telephone game

Players prompt each other with a word to draw. They pass on the drawing to the next player to guess, and the game goes on. In this chain of drawing and guessing, see how much gets lost in translation!
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DrawGuess is inspired by the famous board game Telestrations. In this time of social distancing, taking Telestrations online and adding voice chat seemed like a great idea to bring people closer :)
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FYI - "Chinese whispers" is considered offensive to Chinese people as the original connotation was that Chinese people were difficult to understand and confusing. "Telephone game" is what you're looking for
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@neilio Thank you! I came here to say this.
@neilio Thanks a lot for pointing that out! We've replaced it with Telephone everywhere.
Really fun game to play virtually with your colleagues in these times! We just did a game on Zoom and we laughed our asses off. Thanks!
@robinsikkens Glad that you enjoyed!