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Hey guys! To celebrate our latest product launch, we're offering 25% off BOTH the whiteboard and the blackboard to you awesome Product Hunters! Just use coupon code PRODUCTHUNT at checkout. Thanks!
I've been using mine for a few months now, I've had some pretty amazing conversations with people I would have never talked to normally. When at a coffee shop I'll write something like, "Web Developer, come say Hi!" It's fascinating to see how quickly people will stop by and chat, or ask for help with something. I've made some really great connections with folks, from a whiteboard on my laptop. Easily one of the best purchases i've made. https://twitter.com/mattbtay/sta...
Added to my Pimp Your MacBook collection! Looks pretty cool. Are both options completely opaque, blocking the apple light from showing when it is on?
@benwtnb the blackboard covers the apple light best, but in really dim light you can still see it - your tests may vary. The light does definitely show through the whiteboard, but it is not as bright as when uncovered. Thanks for adding us to your collection!
This is genious. Simple yet useful. I imeaditely thought of the all the time you need to quickly sketch something in a conversation with a colleage. Does it need a special marker or pen?
@romanzadyrako "The Blackboard is specially designed so that it works with chalk, neon Expo dry-erase, and opaque wet-erase pens equally well." -http://www.drawattention.co/blac... EDIT: Added Source
@romanzadyrako Thanks to @everywheresean for the answer! And yes, you can use any of those types of markers (or chalk) on the blackboard. Or, we offer whiteboards for your laptop lid too: http://www.drawattention.co/shop...
Just ordered one!! This is an awesome idea (and a great price point too)