A fabric design and simulation tool

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Dont know what this is useful for but been tripping out over it for the last 10 mins so thought I'd share haha
@bentossell it's completely confusing me, ahahaha, nice
@bentossell lol love this description
@bentossell you know what would be amazing? Adding dress forms and being able to slightly edit the mechanics of the fabric to represent various kinds of real fabric weights, weaves, and texture, and then allow you to cut and pin various shapes and sizes of fabric, particularly muslin. Then you'd have an autocad for pattern drafting. Which I believe doesn't actually exist
I came to the comments expecting people to be gushing over how this is the most amazing simulator of textiles they've ever seen and that they've been using it for months. Pleasantly, that's not the case, haha - still cool though. Slight bug - take away the attachment and object and the fabric falls to the ground and lays perfectly flat, and unless your Batman and using Memory Cloth, that won't normally happen, haha
@mariogiambanco Mario... I was hoping to see the same comments. Do you have any other suggestions for simulating different textiles?
@mariogiambanco Apparently it's a Batman-Cape-Simulator.!
Pretty extra-ordinary. As someone who grew up on Fortran and Pascal, this is really off the charts - well done indeed
I can see this being applied to simulating hydrodynamics, which could be useful for architectural, geological, and civil engineering purposes. I have strong admiration for the developers who take the time to put these sorts of concepts together and share them with the community.