Drammer Whisky App

User friendly app to track & share your whisky experiences 🥃

Use the barcode scanner to easily manage your collection. Search whiskies by taste, get personal whisky suggestions. Compare over 1,000 deals and 20,000 daily updated whisky prices. Read the latest whisky news in one overview.

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Cool to finally see this on here! I've been using this for a few years now, it's a great niche app for whisky enthousiasts. I mainly use it to track my collection and notes, so I don't have to keep a Google doc/sheet around anymore to keep things organized. In recent months I've seen the community grow more active though, so there's a lot more interaction going on now. I never use the site, but the app is fast and user friendly. It can be a bit hard to search through thousands and thousands of whiskies sometimes, but the moderators/editors seem to be doing a good job at filtering the the whisky database (I think they take user submissions?) so there are very little duplicate / misleading / wrong whiskies in the database. EDIT: Almost forgot, the barcode scanner is great! I use it when drinking with friends in whisky bars, they generally let you see the bottle so I can scan the barcode to add a tasting note and it'll find the right bottling immediately.
@kamielwanrooij Hi, we indeed allow user to submit missing whiskies. We manually check every submitted whisky to make sure it is correctly named and is not a duplicate of whisky already in the database. This way Drammer has a high quality whisky database without duplicates or an overwhelming amount of "the same but differently named whiskies".
Hey @basvdijk, Can you tell us more about your app and why it's near and dear to your heart?
@jacqvon TL;DR We just love whisky and have a passion to create user friendly software :) Almost 10 years ago I discovered the world of whisky. At the time there weren’t that much whisky platforms. As a software developer I decided with a friend to start our own whisky website: Drammer. Later apps became more popular and we decided to create a whisky app for Drammer as well. We wanted a complete solution, like a Swiss army knife for whisky lovers. We thought that features like the latest whisky news, recommendations based on your collection, price comparison, collection management etc. could help whisky lovers with their hobby. With Drammer we wanted a user friendly user experience from day one. A good example is the review form. Drammer is being used by beginner as well as expert whisky drinkers. To support both we’ve created two type of forms. The beginner can give a rating with just number, when you turn on the advanced form you are able to write extensive tasting notes. In this way we don’t scare the beginning whisky drinker away of leaving reviews as well. Beginning whisky drinkers often don’t really know where to start, but do know what tastes they like. Therefore we’ve implemented search by whisky taste. You can include or exclude tastes and our search algorithm picks the matching whiskies. There is also a lot of information about distilleries. We show the location on a map accompanied with the history and other facts. This makes it very easy to get some knowledge about the whisky distillery of your choice.
Downloading this made me realise I might be an alcoholic... I use Vivino for wine, Untapped for beer and now Drammer for whiskey... Anyways, looks decent and will definitely use it to track my whiskey journey!
@stanislav_dim Great to hear! Some of our users even call Drammer the Vivino or Untapped for whisky ;)
@stanislav_dim If you are an Android user (Not sure if these are on iOS) You may want to use Ginventory and AngelsCup along with Gastrograph & Wset to track.
@basvdijk Yeah, definitely! I am curious why have you waited so long to launch on PH? One more question - what is the business model of Drammer?
@dmerms Hey, those are awesome recommendations. All have iOS apps and will definitely check them out. Really appreciate it!!!
@stanislav_dim We were in doubt if we should post it om PH when the whisky season started in September/October. Finally we chose to just go for it :) As for the business model, there currently isn't any solid one. We've hold a questionnaire to see if the Drammer users want to pay for the app. The majority gave us a "no". So we are still looking in a business model, maybe it stays just a hobby project :)