Design, prototype and animate in a single Mac app.

Introducing Drama.
Design, prototype and animate in a single Mac app.
To create a prototype in Drama:
• Draw scenes.
• Connect the scenes with transitions.
• Drama will automatically create morphing animations between your scenes, based on layer names.
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Hello Product Hunt! We're really happy to announce Drama — all-in-one design, prototyping and animation tool. We've been working on Drama for several years and we're delighted to finally show it to you. Please feel free to ask any questions - we'll do our best to answer them!
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@miso_antonic This is an impressive and well designed piece of software. Congrats to the whole team!
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@pugson Thanks!
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How does this compare to Principle?
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@ridderingand_ More control. For example, Drama allows tweaks to the line-spacing and line-height of text. It seems super simple but there are a lot of little details like these that made it worth it for me.
Hi, we’ve been working on this app for a long time and we are very happy you can finally try it. Which aspect of Drama will you use most often?
Create static UI designs.
Experiment with animations.
Build clickable app prototypes.
Everything together!
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I gotta ask. Why the name?
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@syswarren We wanted something that is memorable, easy to spell, short, different and related to motion and movement. I understand the name is a bit controversial, but that is one of the reasons why we picked it.
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@syswarren Exactly my thought, why this name? It really doesn't fit to this kind of app, anyways, good luck with the project.
I’m a big fan of Paintcode, so I was thrilled to see this product announcement in my inbox. Although it’s a saturated market, knowing what these guys can do, I’m really looking forward to future releases.
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