A free stock images tool on steroids πŸ¦‡

Get awesome Unsplash stock images and easily drag-n-drop them anywhere on your screen! You can:
1) Search with keywords
2) Download images
3) Copy links or markdown codes of images you like
4) Drag-and-drop images anywhere on your screen!
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Hey πŸ‘‹πŸ» ProductHunt, I'm back! And as I promised, this is my third product. I'm an indie maker and I have decided to release one small, possibly free tool on ProductHunt every month of 2019 πŸ“†. My team has been working on this app for a while now, and it's finally here. It lets you find random Unsplash images by searching for keywords, and then you can drag-and-drop the images anywhere on your screen. I hope it will delight you. We're planning to add a lot more features to it very soon. Let me know what you'd like to see added!
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@sarthaksharma0 So finally, The product you where bragging about for so long. Dude this is amazing. Using this with Medium will be so cool. Just tried it. Dragula πŸ¦‡ + Medium πŸ“ = ❀️
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@binoyxj Sure, in upcoming build this will be taken care of. 😊
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@mohini_sharma1 Out of curiosity, how is it easier than this: https://link.medium.com/EglsEXQyvV
@sarthaksharma0 hey bro.... looking good but pls provide 32bit version also
This will save a toooooon of time!
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Just tried it, and it's pretty cool. I can see how it's going to help with my blogs.
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I love your product name + the video!
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@zelena Well, Don't even get me started on nameπŸ˜…. We went over 15 names to get on Dragula and credits go to, of course, Hotel Transylvania.
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Had been waiting for something like this for so long.


Writing blogs is gonna be so cool


Nothing that I can think of right now.

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