DragonBox Numbers

Teach kids about numbers with an easy and fun game

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Hello ProductHunt ! My name is Jerome and I am one of the people behind the game. We are just in the middle of the DragonBox Numbers launch, so we are a bit busy left and right, but we will definitively stop by to answer any question you might have either on the product, the previous one or our mission ! Thanks !
@lacostej Hey, so glad to have you here! I think combining education and games is a fantastic way to help children learn. Where did the idea to make math games originally come from?
Hey @jakecrump, @jbhkb is our teacher. After experimenting with various mechanisms, he found out that games had the properties required to bridge learning and fun, to allow kids to explore concepts and keep high motivation. A small team of experts was assembled, and 3 years ago, we launched our first game, DragonBox Algebra. It won some awards, and we moved on to prove we could turn other complex learning topics into fun games!
@lacostej Hi, I am Fernanda Rocha and I am part of a board of partners that we are trying to develop an application very similar to yours, but focused only on the latin market. So far we have not found any developer / programmer / designer who wants to take over the project. So I would like to know if you could develop something similar to what you already did, but for us.
I have had the joy of testing this game with my daughters who are 4 and 6. Not only do they really enjoy playing the game, they seem to get a very good grip on elemental math from it. My only concern is that they may find school boring!