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ilan abehassera
ilan abehassera@ilan · Co-Founder, COO at Willo ✨
Quickly chiming in since I've been working with Dragon for our upcoming device, and it's been a bliss so far. They know everything and more about hardware, china, production, timeline, etc. They became my sounding board very early on, very happy we chose them over their competitors. Can't recommend Scott, Thos, Nate and team enough
Hong@quan · Mechanic, Karmic Bikes
Dragon Innovation helped us get ready for Kickstarter and saved our bacon during the campaign. Scott helped me navigate a truly difficult situation that could have killed our campaign mid-way through, and I'll be forever grateful. So happy to have them on our side as we continue the path to production. I can't think of another company that helps hardware startups (and Founders) as much as Dragon.
Jareau Wadé
Jareau Wadé@jkwade · Payments & ecommerce
Had a chance to work with the Dragon Innovation team when I was at Balanced and they were dabbling with their own crowdfunding site. They really understand the hardware manufacturing space. Thos in particular is a gem.
Thos Niles
Thos NilesMaker@boxofbacon
@jkwade aw, shucks....
Libor Vašíček
Libor Vašíček@liborvasicek · GDRRset.com / co-founder
nice idea! no doubt about that.
Mark Adams
Mark Adams@scorinth · Program Manager, Santa Cruz Works
How do you generate revenue? Do you take a cut of a kickstarter's proceeds? Is it a flat fee?
Thos Niles
Thos NilesMaker@boxofbacon
@scorinth It depends. We've got two branches to the product; Dragon Certified helps teams getting ready to launch a product, often but not always via a crowdfunding campaign, ensure that they understand three main things; Can their product be manufactured, what will their manufacturing costs be, and how long will it take to deliver. Armed with this knowledge, teams can plan their campaign and set expectations appropriately. For this we charge an upfront flat fee plus a small percentage of the campaign. With our Manufacturing Solutions we help teams find an appropriate contract manufacturer, get up and running, and provide on-the-ground project management in the Far East. For this, we charge a flat monthly fee.
Justin McGill
Justin McGill@jus10mcgill · Founder of LeadFuze
@boxofbacon @scorinth Can you share price ranges for your monthly fees?
Thos Niles
Thos NilesMaker@boxofbacon
@jus10mcgill Manufacturing Solutions engagements are typically in the low five-figures per month range. We believe it is important it is that our customers know what their costs are going to be, so we structure our pricing in a way where there are no surprise fees or upcharges, and we never have title to your product at any point.