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#3 Product of the DayMarch 11, 2020
What’s new in Drag? Today’s release is the culmination of three years of feedback - it's a complete overhaul. We have built a better way to control teamwork giving email-focused teams, control of their work in one tool, one place and one way. In Gmail.
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Gmail made smarter
@bertier_luyt1 thanks Bertier! Happy to make Gmail work smarter for you :)
Hey everyone, Nick (Co-Founder @ Drag). We wrote our first line of code three years ago to build a tool that improves Gmail for individuals. Fast forward to today and we are building a tool that gives email-focused teams control of their work in one tool, one place and one way. We believe that there is a right way and a wrong way to control teamwork. Email-focused teams get pulled in different directions when they use lots of extra tools. They create different ways of working across the business. - They do not need lots of tools - They do not want to leave email - They do not want many ways to do the same thing Teams work best, united. Today's release does just that. It unites teams inside Gmail, to run their business across sales + support to marketing + project management in one clear, simple way. This isn't for everyone. But we do believe there is a big market exhausted with managing lots of tools, context switching out of email and forever creating new processes. We also think differently about pricing - it's $99 per month, company-wide (includes every feature, no user / month costs, no increased cost as your company grows). With all of this in mind, we release our latest and greatest version of Drag, today. I would love you to install Drag, in two clicks and try. We welcome feedback and the team will be available throughout the day to answer all of your questions :) Thanks Nick
Here is a quick three minute video to explain further also:
@nptimms This video is gold and so straight forward! Congrats and thanks for sharing here :)
Wow what a great idea! No more hunting around (pun not intended) for a good organizational tool for my projects. It's all right there in the inbox, and excellently made! Ingenious!
@shay_stibelman Haha, thanks Shay. Thanks so much for kind comment :)
@nptimms Of course! people need to know!
@buschi_hh so great to hear!
I am new to Drag, but I am already seeing that it could be very useful for managing communication across the various teams that I manage.
@james_bowles Thanks James. Great to hear that there's an initial fit with you and your team.