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Transform Gmail into organized To Do lists (like Trello)

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 13, 2018

Drag Pro superpowers your inbox. It transforms your Gmail into organized To Do lists like Trello, in Gmail. With Drag Pro, you can also organize tasks, sales, marketing, projects and more, all inside your Inbox. It makes the day spent in your inbox sooooo much easier. Mashable, Lifehacker, Google, and over 30,000+ daily active users agree too :)

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  • Alexandra BalkovaMD @Wise Guys, Dealflow @WannaBiz

    Super easy to manage inbox


    Slow loading, bugs with missing letters from different columns, conflict with other extensions

    Testing for 2 months already, downloaded in December. Despite the bugs, I can not stop using it, cause for now I can't imagine my inbox not being perfectly organized as it was before. I see product is definitely improving, so I believe the team will deal with all the bugs & conflicts with other extensions. Cause Drag helps me a lot. Thanks for the product.

    Alexandra Balkova has used this product for one month.
  • Peter BanerjeaCo-Founder, SuccessIsWhat

    Don't have to leave your inbox. Especially helpful if email is your primary communication tool


    None so far

    Extremely useful for anyone who spends a lot of time communicating outside the company - salespeople, support folks, PR people, procurement guys, etc. What I love most is the simplicity of it - which makes it very easy to get your people to adopt it!

    Peter Banerjea has used this product for one day.


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Nick TimmsMakerPro@nptimms · Co-Founder @ DragApp
Hey everyone, Nick here from DragApp.com. The average person spends 6.3 hours per day in their email, yet email is not productive, not collaborative and not an all-in-one place to do the tasks you need to. Email is broken. 🚀🚀 Drag turns Gmail into an organized inbox instantly. We're officially launching Drag Pro on Product Hunt today! 🚀🚀 We have 31,000 users and some super-cool companies such as Uber, AirBnB, Spotify and Netflix to make their inbox awesome. Now it's time to share Drag Pro with everyone :) I'd love your feedback on Drag Pro. We've made it a more powerful experience where you can: » Customize columns in your Drag board » Drag ‘n drop between columns » Add tasks to your inbox » Checklists on emails » Notes on emails » Due dates on emails » Unlimited boards » Team boards (coming soon) We have a really active community also and here's our 12 month Product Roadmap: trello.com/b/41FGtlod/drag-public-roadmap We're here all day to answer questions so please let us know! Thanks Nick
Nick TimmsMakerPro@nptimms · Co-Founder @ DragApp
@surfy Hey Mark, completely agree. We're trying to make inboxes more efficient so less time is spent there. FYI, here's the US article suggesting these numbers: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/e...
Nader J Aboulhoson@nader_j_aboulhoson · Digital Marketing Consultant
Beautifully simple, and useful
Nick TimmsMakerPro@nptimms · Co-Founder @ DragApp
@nader_j_aboulhoson thank you :) I'm going to fully explore MarketGoggles after the marathon PH day today!
Nader J Aboulhoson@nader_j_aboulhoson · Digital Marketing Consultant
@nptimms Hey Nick, thanks for that! But actually, I must have forgotten to update my PH! If you want something interesting check out fibler.com. I'm CMO there!
Nick TimmsMakerPro@nptimms · Co-Founder @ DragApp
@nader_j_aboulhoson haha, thanks. I will do! All the best, thanks again.
Manuel Kraus@manuel_kraus · Founder of Pocketcoach
That's a brilliant solution, I've been using a hack for years which gave me this kind of functionality. Great job guys!
Nick TimmsMakerPro@nptimms · Co-Founder @ DragApp
@manuel_kraus thank you! What was the hack? a quick Gmail multiple inbox/label solution?
Arpit Jain@arpit23 · Practice Head - UX Design, InfoBeans
I have used Drag earlier and it was very close to what I was looking for. But I could not use it as much as I wanted to limiting search capabilities (if I recall it right) and some usability issues. I am sure with Drag Pro some or most of these would have been taken care of. On a quick glimpse: - Boards and inviting boards sounds cool and promises to integrate Trello-esque workflows but lack of empathy level details makes look creepy. It does not explicitly answer what level of details the collaborator would see, can they look at all my emails? - Looks like Drag Pro is getting overwhelming response, it appears to be slow and did not auto refresh my inbox for new emails.
@arpit23 haha you are right! Answering your questions, the idea of team boards is to share specific boards with your team! Only the emails (and tasks) you send to those shared boards will be seen (or edited/ replied) by your team-mates. You chose the emails/tasks to share. Can you check if you are using the version 4.0? We launched this version with a massive improvement on load speed! That might be the reason why your Drag is still a bit slow. Let me know! Thanks for the feedback :)
Terry Gilliam@terrygilliam1 · partymaker
Very useful, thanks
Nick TimmsMakerPro@nptimms · Co-Founder @ DragApp
@terrygilliam1 woohooooooo! Thanks. Totally random question. What does the star mean by your avatar/pic and how do I get one?!
Tom Charde@tomcharde · Brand + UX + Web Strategist
@terrygilliam1 @nptimms Stars are awarded for upvoting products on PH for (x) consecutive days. (3 days = sold star; 5 days = starburst; 10 days = galactic stars)