Drafting the winning fantasy team has never been so easy.

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Tori Bunte
Tori Bunte@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
Yes! This year the Shiva will be mine!
Lucas Levin
Lucas LevinMaker@lucaslevin1 · Co-Founder, DraftSmarts
@stttories We hope so :)
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@stttories I love The League.
Tori Bunte
Tori Bunte@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
@rrhoover I was disappointed no one else had made a League reference yet. In a thread full of men. Pfft.
Ben Drucker
Ben Drucker@bendrucker · Founder, Valet.io
@stttories Tomorrow on Product Hunt: Shiva Blast for iOS
Spencer Noon
Spencer Noon@spencernoon · biz dev @SeatGeek
Fantastic idea. You're going to have a big penetration issue, because I know for one thing I'm not sharing this with anyone :)
Lucas Levin
Lucas LevinMaker@lucaslevin1 · Co-Founder, DraftSmarts
@spencernoon We know, it's the quintessential anti-viral product. We have a few tricks up our sleeves though ;)
Spencer Wise
Spencer Wise@spencerrwise · Founder @SperoHQ (Techstars '15)
@spencernoon haha I was thinking the exact same thing.
Lucas Levin
Lucas LevinMaker@lucaslevin1 · Co-Founder, DraftSmarts
Hey guys, I'm Lucas, one of the co-founders of DraftSmarts. To briefly sum up our product, DraftSmarts is a tool for fantasy sports players old and new to use to pick amazing teams that are very likely to do well over the course of the season. Happy to answer any and all questions you might have about what we built. Would also love feedback as we’re trying to make the app as awesome as possible for when draft season kicks into high gear. Just a heads up, some of our future plans include making the app compatible with all sites that host fantasy leagues and adding more features such as a PPR setting.
Eric Metelka
Eric Metelka@eric3000 · Product Manager, PowerReviews
@lucaslevin1 I was just about to say, needs a PPR toggle and customizable point values and you'd be solving the problem 100%. Glad that's on your roadmap. Not sure how you do it (maybe by showing results after a season using your app), but if you can prove your algorithm is better than looking at 6 websites/cheatsheets simultaneously during a draft, then if I hope you make a lot of money. Fantasy sports is such a great and still growing segment. Could also end up doing this for other fantasy sports in the future.
Lucas Levin
Lucas LevinMaker@lucaslevin1 · Co-Founder, DraftSmarts
@eric3000 Thanks for the feedback, we really appreciate it! So at the end of drafts on our cheat sheet we actually show the user their projected points vs. their opponents, and if you check the Standings tab after a mock draft on Yahoo! you can see how well you're projected to finish (our algo has been consistently finishing in first so far this season.) That said, we're working on making improvements all around the site and demonstrating immediate value is towards the top of our list of priorities. And yes, the algo works for all fantasy sports and we plan on creating versions for each.
Casey Clinkenbeard
Casey Clinkenbeard@hscasey · VP Product Development, HotSchedules
@lucaslevin1 This is fantastic, have always wanted something smarter than the Yahoo! rankings - and the UI is great. Was going to mention PPR toggle, and points in general - for rushing vs throwing yardage, etc. I think with that addition it's better than any of the pundits rankings. Does the algorithm take into account the player's opponents? e.g., if Manning and Brees had equal projections, but Manning played statistically better passing defenses, he would project lower? Last thought, only because I've though about this way too much... would be awesome if your sheet incorporated the schedule. As players got drafted, you would know the strongest teams, and could draft players that had better match-ups those weeks - leaving bye players on weeks you player weaker teams.... Will be using this on draft day!
Lucas Levin
Lucas LevinMaker@lucaslevin1 · Co-Founder, DraftSmarts
@hscasey Thanks Casey, we really appreciate it! It looks at projections over the course of the season, so everything should be taken into account beforehand (i.e. difficulty of schedule, opponents over the course of the season, depth charts, potential injuries, etc.) Great idea about the schedule. This is definitely something we'll look into and put in our backlog. Be sure to let us know how your draft goes!
Taylor Crane
Taylor Crane@taykcrane · Product @ Hello Alfred
Super easy to use, and in mock drafts seems to perform extremely well. Can't wait to use it this upcoming draft! Go team @lucaslevin1 and @kylesnell!
A@abhoopathy · Design Co-Founder @ Point
This is sweet! Yahoo Fantasy has a great API. https://developer.yahoo.com/fant.... It'd be awesome if you could hook into this and keep owners apprised off moves throughout the season, in addition to draft day