Drafts 4

Quickly capture text on iOS and send it anywhere

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Greg Pierce
Greg PierceMaker@agiletortoise · Agile Tortoise
Thanks @eric3000 & @alxmlv. I am the developer of Drafts and will keeping an eye on things here if anyone has any questions about the app. It's a pretty huge release that keeps the core, quick-capture philosophy in tack while expanding ease and power of the app.
Alex@alxmlv · (\/) (°,,,°) (\/)
Eric Metelka
Eric MetelkaHunter@eric3000 · Product Manager, PowerReviews
Drafts belongs in your dock (it's in mine). Not sure what to do with that text? Type it and leave Drafts - no saving, it will be there when you get back. Draft history works like a stack of paper with recent items on top. Drafts 4 takes Drafts to the next level with multi-step actions, locations services integration, JavaScript support, and Share and Today extensions. Full list of new features: https://agiletortoise.zendesk.co...- Action directory (a list of custom actions you can add): http://drafts4-actions.agiletort...
Alex@alxmlv · (\/) (°,,,°) (\/)
Long time user and a huge fan of Drafts! Evernote on mobile is too slow for capture. Drafts is fast! Quickly capture a quick thought or note. Although I only use a handful, actions are very powerful.
Mike Bracco
Mike Bracco@bracco · Product at JibJab
@alxmlv Evernote is not as bad in terms of capture speed with the iOS 8 Notification center widget but I agree - even so Draft (and their widget as well) is much faster/better for capturing as quick as possible.
Alex@alxmlv · (\/) (°,,,°) (\/)
@bracco Well, I started using Drafts way before there were widgets in notification bar. I had my Evernote password protected and didn't have Touch ID until recently, so Drafts saved my sanity :) Haven't tried Evernote widget.
Oskar van Rijswijk
Oskar van Rijswijk@deleted-86620
Drafts was already pinned to my dock. I use it many time each day as the starting point for all my typing. It's the marshalling yard for my text. In the huge iOS 8 update to Drafts 4 Greg @agiletoroise Pierce not added many handy new features, but also made the app easier to use. Kudos!