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Drafted Intros for Chrome lets you request an introduction to any candidate in your company's network seamlessly.

✅See who's already in your company network

✅Get an introduction made over email

✅Spend more time talking and less time waiting for a response

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Zach Robinson
Zach RobinsonMaker@zmrobins · Head of Product at Drafted
We built this tool for the power sourcers out there so that you can better increase your outreach efforts with the power of a warm introduction.
Julie Lungaro
Julie Lungaro@julie_lungaro
Just downloaded and really excited to try it!
Phạm Long
Phạm Long@ph_m_long1 · dragon
Jessica Meher
Jessica Meher@jessicameher
This is awesome. Can’t wait to use it!
Vinayak Ranade
Vinayak RanadeMaker@pseudovirtual · CEO at Drafted
Andy Cook
Andy Cook@andygcook · Cofounder - Tettra.co
I can't wait to give this a go. In fact, I'm going to do that right now.