The Drafted app for slack brings intelligent referral suggestions to your favorite communication tool to fill your hiring pipeline

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(Vinayak here, CEO and founder at Drafted) Hey @dharmesh thanks so much for hunting this! We're really excited about this launch. It's based on a lot of feedback from early Drafted users that wanted an easier way to engage their teams when hiring. No one wakes up in the morning and thinks "hey I'm going to refer someone today". DraftedBot makes timely and interesting suggestions for people who you might be able to refer. DraftedBot helps you find people in your network that match open positions at your company, and allows you to refer them to the hiring team right through Slack. You can invite channels or individuals, everything is opt-in, and DraftedBot can actually put new referrals right into your applicant tracking system, too. Any feedback, questions, and feature requests especially, most welcome :)
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@pseudovirtual You had me at "we have a bot that makes it easy." :) Best wishes.
As someone who has hired hundreds of people, I know referrals are the best hires. Anything to make that easier is very valuable!
@mvolpe Thanks for the support :) Open to suggestions for anything else we can do!
Makes employee referrals super easy! Excited to try this out!
Great release, @pseudovirtual! This pulls together a lot of the Drafted platform to make recruiting and referrals frictionless. I noticed that the referral rewards for each position are not mentioned by the bot. Must be an intentional move. Why did you decide to exclude that info from the chat design?
@kunalslab Thanks for the kind words Kunal - that's a great question. Our goal with building the Slack app was to make referrals easy and fun, more than anything else. Our choice to exclude the rewards in this version was based on two things - first, to keep the cognitive load low, and second, based on our finding that most people don't refer for the money, but they expect a reward if their referral gets hired. This means that rewards are better communicated as rewards and not incentives :)
I love it when a Slack app is truly useful! And who doesn't need hiring help... Great job Vinayak & team!
@parulia Thanks Parul - we're hoping that teams will love using this instead of having to fill out resume forms :)