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I used Draft Smarts last year and I actually won my fantasy league. It helped so much during the drafting process, but to be honest it wasn't the best user experience. Now with 2.0 the team behind the product has made it so much better. The product is easier to navigate and better looking and they have added a bunch of new features so you can use it throughout the season. Can't wait to use this.
Hey Product Hunt community, co-founder of DraftSmarts here. DraftSmarts is back for year two with new and improved products to help fantasy sports players of all skill levels win their leagues as easily as possible. For 2015, we have a totally revamped draft product (which is picking better teams than ever using our homemade algorithm) as well as in-season starting lineup recommendations and a daily fantasy lineup optimization tool (which will be available soon.) Happy to answer any and all questions you have about our site.
@lucaslevin1 nice utility for fantasy football and the mock draft feature is helpful. I've found that drafting well is all about context and the current state of the draft and you seem to take all of that into account. Do you have any plans for an app or staying web based?
@front9tech Hey Scott, thanks for the comment and yes, an app is definitely on our roadmap although we really want to nail down the core mobile use cases for fantasy football help, including drafts, before diving in there because the FF desktop vs. mobile scenarios are so different. However, the site is totally responsive so you can use it on your phone should you choose to do so :)
@lucaslevin1 awesome stuff! Excited to try this out... If you want a guinea pig/test assumptions/user interview re:mobile I'd be happy to help
@nadavweinberg That would be great, thanks for the offer. Shoot us an email at contact@draftsmarts.com and I'll get in touch with you from there.
I used draftsmarts last year and won my league for the first time in 10 years. My biggest ask was context for the suggested pick which they added, I'm super excited to use it this year.
Wow this is awesome! Huge market and I've yet to meet a sector less thrilled about their statistical involvement - I mean fantasy players bring the hype to sports stats like no other! Great product idea!
@realsimonburns Totally agree Simon. Such a good market for this product and the best part about it is they tell you why there system is making the recommendations it isn't just a black box, which adds credibility.
@realsimonburns Thanks Simon!
@lucaslevin1 Congrats on launch!
Sounds great!! do you have there Premier League as well? (England)
@yoavush Great question. We don't have Premier League as of yet but it's definitely on our roadmap.