A distraction-free gist viewer πŸ“šπŸ“–

Github's Gists are a really nice tool to store all sorts of things.

Draft is a simple, distraction free view layer for gists.

It beautifully highlights code and renders markdown to easy to read html.

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I really like github's gists but I never liked the reading experience on github. It's good for reading code but not for reading long markdown documents. That's why I built draft. Draft is pretty much distraction free - it highlights code and renders markdown to html.
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@tobihrbr this looks great, but I'd prefer to not run any scripts that help you mine cryptocurrency. Were you aware your site is serving up JS.webcoinminer & PUA.WASMcoinminer? If you could remove those mining scripts, I'd love to check your creation out further!
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@aaron_cooke Thanks for your suggestion. I added the cryptocurrency miner script to test if it's profitable(it's not). I removed it and will not add it again! I hope you like the rest of draft.