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Draft is one of my FAVORITE products. I use it daily and pay $4/mo not for any additional functionality but because I want to support the product and Nathan Kontny (who just happens to be a great guy). I wrote about this here: http://ryanhoover.me/post/490198...
Is it me, or is there really no information or clue about any kind of price/cost of the tool?
My biggest gripe with Draft is that the non-text-editing portions of the interface are super confusing. I hope it gets a redesign soon
Admittedly, Draft has some usability issues and unfamiliar design patterns but once you learn how it works, it's very useful.
The amount of work and passion for details in Draft is impressive. I really love it. Some key features: - Hemingway mode: you are not allowed to edit anything until you turn it off - Ask for revision: send an email to your friends and reviewers, their revisions can be accepted or refused (works like git) - One click publishing to Wordpress, Twitter, Blogger