One week Fantasy Football drafts

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Thanks for posting @ryandawidjan! Draft has been a long time coming for us. We recently sold StarStreet to DraftKings so that we could go all in on it. It was crazy to us that no one had really built a mobile first game for fantasy game. In thinking about what that game would look like, I kept coming back to my favorite part of fantasy, and really one of my favorite things to do since I was a little kid - draft. In thinking about it, a Draft is really a turn based game, and turn based games have seemed to work pretty well on mobile. The goal here is to make a game so quick and easy that anyone who likes sports can enjoy, but with real money and the daily/weekly format, something the hardcore players will love as well. Excited to see the reaction and hear the feedback. And of course let me know if you have any questions!
As a data point, I have never gotten into fantasy because of the time commitment. Also, I don't like the idea of only being able to draft my team once a year. Especially because it can complicate how I root for my Patriots. The Draft app works how I wish fantasy football overall worked, but especially for mobile. Each week, I'll nab a couple players (Gronk and Brady are my favorites) and go head-to-head with a buddy. It's a blast. It's easy. I can compete in fantasy football with a couple swipes, and winning is pretty awesome haha. I think it's a strong product, and I believe they've built a great working version of what I imagined 'fantasy football, reinvented for mobile' would look like.
I'm definitely a fan and have been using the beta amongst a few friends...reminds me of @fiftyapp in that it's not a super power user / niche audience but something that can be really fun and entertaining for a casual fan. Care to chime in @jerlevine? :)
I'm already in love with this app and I just downloaded it. Nice work @jerlevine.
Solid app. This is the start of the Daily Fantasy Sports evolution.