Dr Mogul

Personalized emails checking in on your startup progress

love the idea, but that monthly price is more than 2x Netflix - seems quite steep
@passingnotes because this product is analogous to Netflix? Last time I checked a solid business coach is probably a multiple of this PER HOUR.
@jcwinter I hear you, but I'm simply looking at four emails per month, each ideally quite brief - 6plus bucks per week for an email?
@jcwinter business coach give business advices they don't. @passingnotes definitely expensive
Love the product. Using NLP for text or just starting out with people on the other side? Could see a bigger vision where you offer multiple channels other than email, ex. Slack, and also offer corporate plans. So co.'s can invest in a personal/private manager/business coach for each employee as a resource for them. That would be extremely interesting.