Dr. Link Check

Broken link checker with malware and parked domain detection

Dr. Link Check helps you track down broken and malicious links on your website. The service crawls through the entire code of your site and gives each discovered link a thorough examination to be sure the link works as intended and doesn’t point to a server known for hosting malware or phishing attacks.

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Hey PH! We're excited to launch the new version of Dr. Link Check, our web-based link checker tool. After the old website was more or less in auto-pilot mode for seven years, we have rebuilt the service from the ground up. I welcome your feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions, I would love to hear them! Andreas
Very cool! What do you use for the backend?
@nickchuckwalter Great to hear that you like it! The backend is mostly written in C# using .NET Core running on Linux. For our databases, we use PostgreSQL via Amazon RDS.
This works very well! Found a link that was going to a .com that should be a .net on my site 👏👏👏 Adding this to my workflow.