Continuous deployment for everyone

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I use Beanstalk at work, finding out there's a continuous integration tool you can use for free with Github basically made me do a somersault when I found it.
oh wow great find, how does this compare to something like CircleCI?
How does it also compares to @codeship and @wercker? In a process of picking a CI tool atm.
We're in the process if integrating Dploy. Does anyone have any feedback on any down sides? Can only see up sides at the moment!... @bkrall @liveink @nikitakorotaev
Just wanted to post an update here for those looking for deployment tools -- I tested Dploy and found it to be a much better onboarding experience than Deploy.do another hunted deployment product (http://www.producthunt.com/posts...). My best experience has been with DeployHQ (http://deployhq.com) from the makers of Codebase -- this hasn't been hunted probably because it's been around for a while. I'd say that Dploy was on par with DeployHQ from what I saw -- I went from setup to first deploy in a few mins. With Deploy.do, I didn't find the onboarding process as smooth -- I had to look up the Bitbucket url instead of showing a dropdown list, which is odd since I had already connected by Bitbucket account. Then it seemed to want me to copy the public key over to Bitbucket too. Dploy handled this smoothly all automated and setting up a server was smooth too. Hope this helps others considering options.