Hide menu bar icons with ease ✨

Dozer lets you hide menu bar items to give your Mac a cleaner look.
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This is by far the best open-source macOS app I've come across ❤️ It turned my super messy menu bar into a super clean one ✨
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@amrith have you tried Bartender 2 (not open source or free, but lots of features)?
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@amrith Vanilla is also an option when it comes to hiding macOS menu bar icons.
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@kavirkaycee I used to use Vanilla for a good while and as I was about to upgrade to their Pro version, I found this which may not have as many features but gets the job done 🙌
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@chrismessina I couldn't justify the price point for my use case and I could do without the added features 😅
@amrith I dont think the app is actually open-source 🤔 Afais GH repo is only served for issue tracking and as a landing page
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Been a bartender user for years, and just signed up for a SetApp subscription a week ago, as it turned out I already owned 10 or so apps it offered, so I figured SetApp is cheaper than getting new licenses all the time. As is the case with Timing, which is expensive. Glad that there is now a FOSS alternative. That said, the SetApp model seems really great — as it seems to fund a lot more smaller apps that wouldn't be worth standalone prices.
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Great job!! 😊 I would be happy to get a Windows one If you happen to make it.

The only other free icon hider I've found was very glitchy when using full screen apps and moving mouse up to see the top bar. It would get stuck or they would flash in and out again. Bartender has more than what I'm looking for -- just the ability to hide icons. This works great!


It's simple, works great and is free.



Thank you! 🔥