Find tech companies where female employees thrive

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Maia Bittner
Maia BittnerHunter@maiab · Co-founder
I love this - it's like glassdoor but with better, more structured data around policies, raises, team composition, and more. Great insights into companies.
Mario Sundar
Mario Sundar@mariosundar · Startup advisor, early LinkedIn
Much needed and beautifully designed. Curious to hear what my friends at the forefront of gender diversity have to say about it: Tracy Chou at Pinterest, Alaina Percival at Women Who Code, and others.
Nathalie Miller
Nathalie MillerMaker@nathaliequynh · CEO and Co-Founder, Doxa
@mariosundar Tracy Chou tweeted to promote Doxa yesterday. Doxa is very much inspired by her past work to empower women in tech through transparent data. And P.S. I will pass on your design accolades to @tiffany_pang and @gabrrra!
Nathalie Miller
Nathalie MillerMaker@nathaliequynh · CEO and Co-Founder, Doxa
This is exciting! Thanks for the votes! Doxa is in its MVP stages, so we would love any feedback you might have about product. Feel free to leave comments here or email me directly: nathalie (at) doxascore (dot) com.
Lou Donnelly-Davey
Lou Donnelly-Davey@lou_donnelly_davey · HO Marketing @timely
Fantastic Nathalie... quantifying the gender gap gives real and tangible metrics we can work from... a vital step in the process of making change... following you with interest :)