Downtime Monkey 2.0

Website Monitoring & Downtime Alerts - Full Featured Service

We've added lots of new features and Downtime Monkey is now a compete website monitoring service which includes:
- Global Server Network
- Response Time Monitoring
- Keyword Monitoring
- Alerts to Slack, Email & SMS
- Custom Alerts Timings (alert after x mins)
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It's been a couple of years since I first launched Downtime Monkey and we've consistently added new features to change from a simple downtime alert app to a complete website monitoring service. I can honestly say that I now believe Downtime Monkey is the best website monitoring service available with regard to the overall package, user experience and value. Some more details: - Global Servers: a network of servers checks websites from 6 locations worldwide eliminating false positive downtimes. - Response Time Monitoring: monitor the speed that your website responds as well as uptime/downtime. View pretty graphs and see individual response times. - Keyword Monitoring: get alerted if the content of your website changes unexpectedly. - Free Plan: 60 websites monitored every 3 minutes completely free. - Pro Plans: from as little as $0.48/month and available in over 130 currencies (e.g. from €0.48, £0.36 or A$0.68). Small plans have all the Pro features but for just a few websites. Larger plans allow monitoring of more websites. - Slack App: downtime alerts can be sent straight to your Slack channel. - Email Alerts and SMS Alerts to over 130 countries & 300 networks. - Custom Alerts Times: set the time that a website should remain down for before an alert is sent. - Repeat Alerts: send repeat alert if a website stays down for x minutes. - Rate Limit Alerts: useful if you manage large numbers of sites on the same server and don't want to get lots of messages if the server goes down. - Manage Multiple Sites: bulk upload, edit and delete websites. View the status of all monitors at a glance. - Uptime Stats & Downtime Logs: uptime stats to 3 decimal places (e.g. 99.999%), logs of every individual downtime including the timestamp, duration, response code from the server and a short explanation of the reason for the downtime. There is more but this is in danger of getting ridiculously long: check us out at