Downtime Monkey

Website downtime alerts & uptime monitoring

Downtime Monkey is an uptime monitoring tool that alerts you via email or SMS if your website goes down.

60 websites monitored every 3 minutes, totally free.

SMS alerts to over 130 countries & 300 networks.

Uptime stats and logs.

Powerful Pro features including 1 minute checks, rate limiting & scheduling of alerts, and reasons for downtime.

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Here's a bit more info about Downtime Monkey... We (Big Toe Web Design) first developed an uptime monitor for our own use when some of our clients' websites went down and it was nearly an hour before we found out. In fact we only found out when our clients called! Pretty bad. We looked into solutions with hosting providers and other web monitoring services but nothing did quite what we needed. Some options were simply too expensive and other options didn't provide reliable alerts via text message. Reliable SMS alerts worldwide are an important feature - we developed the service to send alerts to more than 130 countries over 300 networks. There is also a test feature in place so you'll know before a real downtime occurs that alerts will be successfully received. Another way that we are different is that we offer a sizeable free plan - 60 websites monitored every 3 minutes, totally free. The free plan is simple and robust and will be fine for many users. Pro users get access to advanced features which can be really useful for web agencies, teams or webmasters with lots of clients. I'd be really pleased if you check it out - it only takes a couple of minutes to sign-up and get monitoring.
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The number of downtime alert services on Product Hunt in the past few weeks! 🀐