Get an alert when your website is down 🚨

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 24, 2016
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How is this different from others out there (i.e. vigil, which has convenient heroku integration)?
@shivzb Yeah I am curious to know the answer to that as well!
@shivzb Wondering the same thing!
Great way to monitor the uptime of your websites
Option 2 is interesting!
Also curious. Looked at it briefly. There is some pricing and timing difference. DownNotifier monitors every minute with the premium version for $14.95 a year versus Vigil at 49.99 per year - and at that level Vigil is checking every five minutes versus DownNotifier which is every minute. Minor point - It would be good to know how often the monitoring check takes place for the free version of DownNotifier right away (10 minutes) instead of finding this under the premium monitoring tab.