Dovetale 2.0

Search and CRM for influencer marketing. Starting at $99/mo

Prospect and manage relationships with social media creators. Automate tasks with smart and connected databases. Create custom workflows with invitation links, status tracking, shipping links, coupon codes, tracking links and more. Starting at just $99/month.
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Hey Product Hunt! I’m Mike, one of the co-founders of Dovetale. It feels like yesterday the first versions of Dovetale were being built and launched from our apartment in NYC. Since then, our team has worked tirelessly to build a really special community of marketers who use Dovetale everyday to manage their work with contractors, content creators, celebrities, influencers and more! Today, Dovetale works with some of the largest companies in the world like P&G, Target, R/GA, Best Buy, and Samsung. We also work with smaller brands like Shopify merchants selling their first products and agencies looking to better manage their influencer relationships and workflows in one place. Our hope is that these new tools and fresh redesign help our existing customers thrive on our platform and we can continue to help even more businesses grow. Tools built to help companies work with influencers shouldn’t cost a small fortune, so to make Dovetale more accessible to all companies who wish to do influencer marketing we’re happy to announce the introduction of a new Starter Plan available now for $99/mo. We’re also excited to announce a special discount for all the Shopify Store owners in the PH community - get 50% off your first year on Dovetale. All plans also come with a free 7-day trial :). Thank you for the amazing support from this community over the past few years - It’s been a pleasure growing alongside you all. Mike Schmidt Cofounder, Dovetale
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How many influencers are on your platform?
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How do you join as a creator?
@geekgirlweb Hey Rebecca! There currently is no open sign up for creators, so the only way to sign up as a creator is to be invited to Dovetale by a brand that uses our platform!
Can we send emails from within the platform or should I integrate it an email provider? Also, does it let me store the kind of engagement we've had with an influencer? Like say who did we produce a video with vs who did we engage in a speaking engagement?