Find and work with influencers using image recognition

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 21, 2017
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I am very excited to be sharing the launch of Dovetale, an Expa Labs company, with the Product Hunt community. It is the best way to find and work with influencers - and I love working with the team behind it. They are here to answer questions today, but after working with them for 6 months during the program I can honestly recommend this product to anyone looking to identify key influencers for their brand, product, or service and work with them from idea, execution, analytics, to payments. This team has executed campaigns for large companies, and wowed management teams by doing things smarter, more intuitively for brand teams, and faster than anything else out there. As influencer marketing continues to grow, having a single stop platform to handle your needs is a welcomed solution to the spreadsheets, phone calls, and scattered analytics solutions of the past.
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Thanks @ericfriedman! Hey, Product Hunt! I’m Mike, one of the co-founders. Navied and I have been working closely with influencers for the past 4 years now and Dovetale is the result of huge frustrations we’ve had. There are so many companies trying to solve influencer marketing and equally as many people taking advantage of brands resulting in very little transparency. Given the focus and success of these campaigns we wanted to build a set of tools that helped bring expensive processes to brands, big and small for an affordable price. Simple things like paying influencers, to measuring performance are opportunities we’ve built solutions for, but we are taking it one step further with Recommendations. This lets marketers upload images they like the look and feel of combined with social metrics like followers to find the best influencers for a specific project. We’ve spent the past few months building and solving these problems with the help of our incredible investors and customers. In the meantime we’re offering a 30 day free trial to all Product Hunt members that you can cancel at anytime if you are interested in getting started :)
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Wow! On the gif with example "how it works" - looks like magic.
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Place it on the first page on the website instead of "Easily manage and organize your community of influencers" pic. Really much descriptive.
@perpetuous Check out the new homepage :)
@mattyschmi awesome! It's really cool!
Great idea + team
@laurenleto Thank you Lauren :)
I really like the search features. I don't think I've seen any other product that lets me understand the 'strength' of reach/engagement for influencers that match a set of criteria I'm looking for.... congrats on the launch, team! Questions... How are you building out the list of influencers that populate the search results? Is there a way for you to aggregate influencers from Snapchat, where discovery is harder, and follower count isn't public? Are you helping to attribute value for individual influencers to understand how much they should be charging, what their "worth" is? Or do the influencers set this themselves?
@johnexley We do a contextual search that utilizes a pre-existing database of influencers as a base, but to improve the list of results we also perform ad hoc searches on the respective social networks to find more influencers that fall within the search criteria. As for Snapchat, since most discovery for influencer accounts is done via other social networks we feel like there is a high degree of congruency between an audience on say Instagram or YouTube. Today we don't report it because of this uncertainty, but in the future we are planning to have some cool ways to accomplish discovery on Snapchat. Lastly, the entire price per influencer is something we are being really careful with. Assigning a price tag is really hard, but something we are actively talking to creators about.
This is incredible!