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Another Invisible App! That said, I wouldn't trust financial advice from some random person. This doesn't feel legit.
@rrhoover you should write a medium post on the invisible app movement. More and more are coming and SMS is only the beginning: location enabled, health info enabled, etc coming soon
@rrhoover what's an invisible app?
@rrhoover I don't think it's legal either. Usually the SEC requires disclosures beyond what's stated on the site. Could be a big lawsuit coming their way.
@rrhoover @mojolenski App that doesn't have a traditional interface like a UI in a mobile app. It relies on existing technologies or interfaces with it's users using a different type of medium such as SMS
@rrhoover @hiimfloyd I don't think it's legit financial advice - more of just someone to talk to about your money problem / reassurance.
Looks like this is a real person (iMessage + read receipts), and not actually an app. Can the founder describe the tech a bit?
I don't trust this money friend
Doug is a man of many talents.
Money is difficult. Doug makes it easy. If you're about to make a purchase, ask Doug for a possible cheaper alternative online. If you want a quick stock update on the way to work, Doug is sending the tickers. Doug isn't making decisions, only suggestions. He's Doug-the-finance-guy :) He wants to give you that reassurance you need when making a decision. Why not just text DOUG.