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Hey guys! AMA, we even made some special overlays for the Product Hunt community. Check out the "tech bro" category. Here's me as the PH cat:
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@shane_112 Congrats on the launch Shane!
@conradegusa Thank you Conrad! It's amazing how proud Drake is of us!
And of course heres @rrhoover with the Tyson tat
Oh, now it's on @shane_112. Downloading now...
Shane - this is amazing! How are you focusing on growing?
@eriktorenberg we do all the obvious in-app stuff; what we really wanted to focus on was a concept with a strong word-of-mouth component. BGR reported this year that word-of-mouth was up to 77% of how mobile apps were downloaded. So we did a really interesting, and I think unique, test to choose a concept with the highest likelihood of spreading via word of mouth. We did a spin off Aaron Pazter's Mint.com concept test where he'd stand at the Caltrain station and gauge people's reactions to the concept of Mint. We did something similar, but as a twist intended for mobile apps, we would tell them about the app, show them the app, ask some questions about the app, but intentionally never mention the app's name. If the person being surveyed ever asked what the app's name was or how to find it, we'd mark down 'yes' for word of mouth. The rationale was that, in the real world, you usually ask your friend what that app is they're using. Trying to measure that has always been speculative, but we came out of those tests with a ranked list of concepts people wanted to download right there. Doublie was the clear winner with over 70% asking for it, winning over many, many high minded concepts. H/t to Preet, the youngest PM at Zynga, for the idea on the word of mouth test. Sweet and here's a fuller article about the test: http://thenextweb.com/dd/2014/08...
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The unbundling of apps continues.... aviary and other editors have had these kind of stickers for a while but users don't find them, as they're buried in a wider feature set. Nice work guys - simplicity wins on mobile.
@ashrust Thank you man! That's exactly how we view this app, debundling and making UGC one of the funnest parts of photo apps. You get superpowers for your comment!
@shane_112 Thanks but yellow's never been my color.
Saw this back in the day: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/... Looks similar but a broader appeal. Curious for Shane to share viral #s :)