Subscription based self-experimentation

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$30 a month seems expensive given half the supplements are placebos
@_jacksmith genius business model isnt it. Disrupting the sugar pills space. Imo even for the real pills it's too much. But you actually pay for the snake-oil decomposition and learning. Not the pills …Anyhow I love it.
@_jacksmith I see where you are coming from - we've gotten this response a fair amount. Please feel free to purchase inexpensive L-Theanine from (our supplier - no affiliation to us, $35/500g) if you'd like to buy market-rate powder. We are a platform for personal experimentation and our goal is to make it easy for people to apply the scientific method to their personal lives while also contributing their findings to a larger pool of data. We think the information that you'll gain about how your body and mind respond to a supplement, in comparison to a baseline (the placebo) is worth $30. As we have not launched yet, we could be wrong, and if so, we'll of course change the price or even change our business model suitably. But for now are optimistic as we've had mostly positive feedback. Please let me know if you have any other criticisms!
For a subscription fee you can join regular self-experiments. You get pills. Document your experience. Try not to freak out too much with your new self-enhancement medication. You might as well have just got the placebo. They start w/ L-Theanine (aka tea-caffeine)
I see a link to - that's our site :)
Probably be better to get a subscription to a "supplement of the month" club so you can experiment. Good breakdown of what to expect, a month to see if you get the results expected. Hummmm.... wonder what I'll be working on this weekend?
@sacbookreviewer Haha of course this is a great idea. You bet we're on it :)
Just wanted to give everyone an update - we've launched our first experiment and are getting ready to ship. You can purchase it here: