Double 2

Giving you a physical presence when you can’t be there

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Where's the built-in super soaker!?
@rrhoover Or at least a nerf gun
Reminds me of a movie... can't remember which one though!
@bentossell Reminds me of what the folks at Live Ninja are doing with Kiosk. Wonder how these differ/intersect. cc @willweinraub
@andrewmettinger @bentossell Thanks for the mention Andrew! What Double is doing is for sure similar in the sense that both are video chat products for physical spaces. However, the applications and use-cases themselves are pretty different. Double makes (what looks like) a really slick robot on wheels that allows the person on video chat to move around the space from a remote location. Great for offices and remote employees, which is how they are marketing it. The LiveNinja Kiosk is designed for retail environments that tie into our call center-like software so that agents can answer inquires from in-store customers via video chat. Our software has a lot of things like custom call routing, hold queues, feedback forms, etc designed specifically for that type of setting. Hope this info is helpful when comparing the two. Thanks so much again for thinking of us! :)
I would love to start a dog walking service with this.🤓
Hah, pretty cool. at $3,000 though, i'm not going to buy it just for fun
Is this what they used in community!?