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Hi friends! Please share your thoughts. I'll be answering questions for the next few days.
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@pigstake this is perfect for our lean coffee meetings and getting the real-time votes from remote attendees too. So far they've only been watching thru live-stream but now they can get involved too. more feedback when we have tested it
@mossibat That's awesome to hear, Mohsen! Share your experience when you test it out. @dotvoter
For anyone who isn't familiar with Lean Coffee:
@pigstake @dotvoter the link has gone to the full mailing list today. People are finding it easy to vote but they can't easily see where they need to add topics. A suggestion is to add an explainer to "WRITE HERE" where the yellow line is.
@mossibat @dotvoter Thanks, Mohsen! I'd really like to hear more about the experience. Would you follow @dotvoter so we can move this to a Twitter message conversation?
The only tool that can REALLY replace post-its and sharpies. No cumbersome canvas "click to type", sluggish dragging, or extra bulk. Fast, easy and fun to use. If you're in tech and need to conserve real estate in your workspace, this is a gamechanger.
@brookekao Yikes! That is some raving fandom that I fully approve.
Love limiting to three votes. I've been in favor of this style of ranking items for a long time! Thanks for the simple interface.
@hansmosh Thanks for the love, Chris! Tweet me if you have any questions. We use it in-house and with clients in various ways.
@hansmosh Hey Chris! Have you tried out Dotvoter at all in the past month? Would love to hear your story. Reply here or feel free to message on Twitter.
A great way to keep your team in sync and increase productivity, most especially with remote teams!
@dylanbrendan :high-five: Dylan! Keep up the great work at @Startuplister.
Love the design. An interesting feature could be to add a timer so teams can track time when posting ideas. For the rest, the product is easy to use, fun, and efficient.
@dan_venmetro A timer! Want a job, Dan? :)