Dotted Paper

Premium handmade dot grid books for designers

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Hi guys, This is our first physical product at Finely (me and @regn), we’ve only done digital side projects before this point! We first launched Dotted Paper in 2012, which at the time was a free PDF document to print off a dotted grid that allowed fellow creatives to doodle, draw and sketch ideas. Over time it got over 39,000 downloads, and we only recently wanted to take it a step further and create an actual physical book that you can actually carry around with you. The result is a beautiful B5 sized book with 96 pages, kraft paper cover with off-white 80gsm paper and a cotton strip to reinforce the stitched spine. They were hand-made in China by the same factory that used to produce Moleskine notebooks, and hand-finished here in the UK. We’re looking forward to getting this batch out of the door since we already have plans to improve the product and reduce the price!
Why no spiral notebook? I strictly prefer spiral to binded. Am I alone in this? Is it a cost issue?
Awesome! But international shipping has always been a buzz killer for me. :(