Dots & Co

A beautiful puzzle game from the creators of TwoDots

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Jake Crump
Jake CrumpHunterPro@jakecrump · Head of Support at Product Hunt
@patrickmoberg and @KrisHorowitz What were some of your main goals during the development of this game? What aspects of the finished game are you most pleased with?
Margaret Robertson
Margaret RobertsonMaker@ranarama
@jakecrump @patrickmoberg @krishorowitz So exciting the see the finished game here. We wanted to stay true to the things people loved about Two Dots - beautiful aesthetics, simple gameplay, satisfying challenges - but introduce new elements. Dots & Co has a rich, immersive world inspired by some of the most beautiful places on earth, and introduces Companions and the dots that power them. Companions enable all sorts of exciting new mechanics, and add a new strategic layer to every level of the game.
Kohta Wajima
Kohta WajimaMaker@kohta_wajima · Lead Product Manager, Dots
@jakecrump @patrickmoberg @krishorowitz From a PM standpoint, we've also made some big changes to the economy like energy and virtual currency, which will allow us to expand future features in a versatile way. We have a great backlog of ideas we're working on (launch is just the start!) and that flexibility will really helps us in creating strong reward loops and overall better, more competitive or cooperative experiences.
Jesse Cohen
Jesse Cohen@bigcoheen · Founder of MCI, creator of MAN DO
Liking the UI. Nice and simple to use. How do you cope with the IAP model with games in this niche? Does the overhead of build out way it's income or is this a labour of love?
Paul Murphy
Paul Murphy@paulbz · CEO, Dots
@bigcoheen Hey Jesse, Paul from Dots here. We have fully embraced the F2P/IAP model. It allows us to deliver the best product to the most diverse customer base, possible (i.e. gets the best of our games in as many hands as possible, while keeping our lights on). The team behind Dots & Co worked hard to deliver a premium experience as a free to play game. We are thinking long term, helps us stay focus so we don't end up nickel & dime our players.
Jesse Cohen
Jesse Cohen@bigcoheen · Founder of MCI, creator of MAN DO
@paulbz it's a well put together game, and addictive. good luck!
James Cooper
James Cooper@koopstakov · Head of Creative, Betaworks
Brendan Bilko
Brendan Bilko@bilko · Co-founder & CCO @ Dexter
The game is absolutely beautiful. Well done Dots team.
Patrick Moberg
Patrick MobergMaker@patrick_moberg
@bilko :) Thanks!
Ellen Choi
Ellen ChoiHiring@lnchoi · Entrepreneur
Big fan of dots here and love the new aesthetics!
Patrick Moberg
Patrick MobergMaker@patrick_moberg
@lnchoi Thank you, Ellen!