A journal that helps you keep on top of your domains offline

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Ria BlagburnHunter@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
As someone who still enjoys physically writing stuff down, I can see value in this way of managing the domains you own. Murice kindly sent me a sample via email and it's so much more than just a list - you can make a note of your goals for the domain, and add any ideas you have.
Murice Damion MillerMaker@m4murice · CEO, dotCOMpad
Greetings ProductHunt members. My name is Murice Damion Miller and I am blessed with the honor of being the creator of the dotCOMpad. It was developed out of my own personal frustration with my collection of domain names. Ria, I appreciate you adding me on producthunt and for your wonderful input. Producthunt members, your comments, questions, and/or concerns are greatly appreciated. it will all be used to improve this product.
Murice Damion MillerMaker@m4murice · CEO, dotCOMpad
I have added a video for the dotCOMpad. Please let me know what you think.