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#5 Product of the DayJuly 26, 2016



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Christian MontoyaMaker@cm0nt0y4 · Maker
Hi all! I had an idea: what if you could look up domain name availability without ever leaving Slack? And you could even query whois info or get links to buy the domains too. So I set out to build something with Slack's new message buttons and it actually works quite nicely. I also went ahead and built it on Facebook Messenger too. And then I added support for looking up username availability on the big 5 social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Pinterest). Give it a try and let me know what you think! And before anyone asks, I built this with Claudia Bot Builder :)
Terkel@terkelg · Creative Coder & Interactive Designer
@decktonic thanks for telling how you built it. Why did you choose Claudia over all the other bot builders out there. Have you tried other?
Christian MontoyaMaker@cm0nt0y4 · Maker
@terkelg I built a few bots in plain Node.js on Heroku and did one with the Serverless framework (also runs on AWS Lambda like Claudia). Lambda seems really cheap (even compared to Heroku) and more stable and I thought Claudia looked interesting (it promised to be easier to set up and definitely was much much easier than Serverless) so I decided to try it out. For something that just transforms input and returns a response it's good... if I was going to make something that stored context and added other features I would probably not use Lambda at all. Also my wife's name is Claudia so I think there was some subconscious bias in my decision :)
Terkel@terkelg · Creative Coder & Interactive Designer
@decktonic amazing reply! Thanks Christian
Karim@karim_t · Tech enthusiast. Curious Mind @memgaphDB
Nice product :) How does it work on fb? I'm typing in domains but it's not answering.
Christian MontoyaMaker@cm0nt0y4 · Maker
@karim_t Hi Karim, somehow DotCom started experiencing errors overnight and now it's not working... it still works fine on Slack though! I'm fixing the FB bot as we speak :)
Christian MontoyaMaker@cm0nt0y4 · Maker
@karim_t OK it's working again :) and I will be monitoring it throughout the day.
Maya ProhovnikHiring@mayafish · Product & operations at Anchor
Idea: have this slack me one available .com domain a day :)
Alan NicholHiring@alanmnichol · Co-founder at @Rasa_HQ
very cool! I had an itch to build this myself, but this is very nicely executed :) great stuff
Subhash Medatwal@findsubhash · Entrepreneur
Sounds good. I use Instant domain search for this purpose..A lot helpful when need to choose name of project based on dotcom availablility.