Dot Watch

World’s first braille smartwatch

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Really cool! If we're talking accessible watches I also love the Bradley, came out of Kickstarter a few years back:
@rrhoover The makers of this watch should have heard or read my interview with Hyungsoo Kim, who watched to create a Braille watch: Hyungsoo: We arranged a couple of meetings with organizations that serve the blind. So we went to the meetings and even from the first meeting, the feedback was not good, and we got trashed. Because, I’ll give you an example. So, after we presented our idea, one of them asked me, “So how many of us do you think can read Braille?” I said, “Well, most of you maybe, probably, if not all.” And they said “Only two or three people out of 10 who are visually impaired can read Braille.” I said “Really?!” He ended up with a watch for the blind that didn't require Braille.
@andrewwarner thanks for sharing!
@rrhoover that's what I did want to get my colorblind brother (the cube)
I actually really like this. Not only because it's accessible for the visually impaired but also because I would like to own one :D
this looks amazing
If you actually read the description they aren't using the real brail numbering. It's more like the old ThinkGeek watch where colored dots represent time. From the website "Touch the display. Feel the Dots come up and prod at your fingertips. How many are there? One followed by two Dots on the hour module? That means that it's now 12 o'clock. Checking for time is that simple." That's not how it works.
@hgottfried in braille a single dot in the upper left is the number 1, two dots along the vertical in the upper left is 2, I have a feeling that is what they are referring too