Dot The Spot

Mark, share, and discover places. Never forget a good place.

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Wondering how this is different from what Foursquare, in essence, already allows for?
@AnujAdhiya I think this app is more about keeping track of really special places and sharing them with friends than about checking into everything.
@nikkielizdemere I should've clarified. 4Sq has now split into 2 apps: a) 4Sq which is about liking places and b) Swarm (which is all about checking in etc). I was talking about the former, which in theory, if you like places in the app, those are special in some way to you/are ones you'd want to recommend to people you know. Guess I'm going to have to play with it to understand whether I'd want 4Sq & DotTheSpot or are they essentially interchangeable.
@AnujAdhiya Got it, I knew they'd changed things up but wasn't aware of the specifics.
Seems like there's potential here for people who are frequent travelers.