A digital museum for digital art πŸ–Ό is a digital space for new media art. Visit the inaugural exhibition from your computer during Berlin Art Week from September 11th-15th, 2019 (attendance is limited).
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AJ Adams
Hey folks, Matt & AJ here πŸ‘‹ is our latest project using digital ownership to put money into the hands of artists and other creators (our first is @stickersbydot). Today marks is the opening of the inaugural exhibition. TL;DR is a geographically agnostic digital space for time- and attendance-bound exhibits. Attendees pay to enter, are forced into full-screen, engage with 25 works by a variety of artists, encounter other attendees via voice chat, and collect memorabilia from the works. Background We slammed out a rough draft during Berlin blockchain week a couple weeks ago and won the ETHBerlin zwei hackathon (ty πŸ™). Today we are launching with our inaugural exhibition which presents 25 works from emerging new media artists and established artists collected in places like MoMA. This first exhibition will run from September 11th-15th for Berlin Art Week. Visit There are 100 tickets available. All proceeds go to the artists, curators, and collectors who coalesced to make this event possible.
Teekay MerahDigital Marketer & Social Media manager
@stickersbydot @agrizzlyadams Love the idea mate
Andy AlekhinCo-founder of
Love the product. Go Matt!!
Do Something Good
Love the idea!
Nice idea- you might want to think about borrowing something from bricks & mortar galleries though and showing previews of 'whats on'.