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Doing my morning PH browsing and clicked over to your site. I can't see anything unless I sign-in no matter what I do. Honestly, I don't want to sign-in, you haven't given me a reason to yet. I understand you have a link with copy as to why I need to sign-in, but I'm still going to bounce. I'd be curious to hear what the bounce rate/conversion rate from the sign-up modal is. My hypothesis is that you didn't give me enough reason to believe, but depending on where the inbound traffic is coming from, I could be wrong.
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@eric3000 I see a lot of shares via FB from here which show the individual product, and I can see the signup rate from FB referrals being pretty decent since there is a big FB button there. non FB? who knows?
@dswiese That's my guess. If it's mostly social traffic, this can be a good strategy. But if it's not, they're likely leaving money on the table.
Dear all e-commerce sites, please let me know when you're over the "sign up before you can browse" fad. It's never going to work!
This would be an interesting brand to get on our app Furnish ( Let me know and we can talk. #sorryfortheplug #stillrelevantplug
@drew23 Heads up, I got an "unsafe site" warning from google when I clicked your link.
@outsidefound ugh might be an expired SSL cert. Thanks for the heads up !